Posada at Fishbourne 2023

Can you make space in your home for Jesus this Christmas?

At the family service at the end of Novemeber we will be preparing the Holy Family for their long journey to Bethlehem.

Families can sign up to host a model nativity of Holy Family for a night during Advent, and they will arrive with a book of prayers, a diary, and an activity. Take a photo of where Jesus, Mary and Joseph have stayed, and write something in their diary so we can remember their travels.

When it’s time to hand the family on, you can simply hand the bag over at the school gate, or you can arrange to meet up with the next family. If you know one another well, you might even take the excuse to have a coffee together and light a candle and say a prayer.

On Christmas Eve, Mary and Joseph and baby Jesus will make their way back to Church for the Crib Service, where will celebrate that Christmas is a feast of family, gifts and hospitaltiy, when Jesus came to make his home with us, in the muddle of our ordinary lives, because there is no place that he would rather be.

If you’d like to be involved, email Jessica or sign up at the back of Church.